Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top 10 High School Dance "NO's"

Church in Logan Utah this morning went something like this...

-Get up and take a shower then go out to my little truck to drive to church, I was stuck and didn't move anywhere... Not even with a push from "Astro boy" my roommate.
-Show up and went to the wrong sacrament meeting, "Oh well, just twice the blessings I guess."
-Finally find where we're supposed to be and it's about time for our own sacrament meeting and this is what happened...

Top 10 ways to say "NO" to a High School Dance.

10- "I'll pass" (written on a football that you pass to her in the hall)
9- Sorry I'm "tied" up. (written on a necktie)
8- "I Don't like you"
7- "I am way out of your league" (written on a baseball)
6- "You're kinda my cousin"
5- "um... I really want to.. But... I already have plans with my mom that night...
4- "I'm kinda getting sick" (written in Pepto Bismol)
3- "Yes.... Psyche!!"
2- "Sorry I have to wash my hair" (written in shampoo)
1- "NO" (written with Urine)

Just another spiritual Sunday up here in Logan. Utah State University singles wards Rock!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The sweater... 11 days in a row now. Still hasn't been washed

And yes, that is a Santa broche pinned to my awesome sweater. Don't You Judge Me

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Ugly Christmas Sweater Party of the Season!

So there I was just minding my own business when all of the sudden out of nowhere my lamp LUNGED out at me scalding my thumb! "How did this happen?" I asked myself, then coming to the realization that I am just plain old clumsy. Oh well thanks GE my mom said I could really use a good burn to get my skin looking dark again. Isn't there some kind of law against having light bulbs that get too hot? THERE SHOULD BE! I got a blister... Poor me, oh well.

Last night I went to 2 parties and they were well deserved! I took my first final yesterday and it
was awesome to get a break from all this studying stuff! Don't get me wrong I can cut a little rug if I need to but the smell at the ugly sweater party was UNBEARABLE! I am almost certain that somebody took a deuce in their pants downstairs and was still dancing. I have been wearing my Christmas sweater for the past 8 days straight and this was the first time that I wasn't discriminated against for wearing it. It was an amazing night, thank you Mesathrift for helping me be me.