Monday, November 7, 2011

Green Valley Shutters

So I got a new job up here in Logan that I LOVE! I work at Green Valley Shutters, it's a window covering retail place t
hat distributes wooden window shutters all over the Wasatch Front. How it works is we actually produce the shutters here in Logan, Utah and we install them in homes all over the place to help reduce their heating and cooling costs, add value to the home, and provide a quality window covering for privacy when you want it. Green Valley Shutters is an awesome company that uses only the finest products and has the best service in the industry. Shutters are one of the only ways to increase the value of your house in the "Window Coverings" section when an appraisal of your house is given. Check out our website to see more pix and all of our contact info.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

70 Degrees All Week!

This past week's weather has been so nice! I went for a bike ride Thursday afternoon and it felt so nice, the first one of the season. I also got out the tandem on Tuesday that we rode around for a little bit, it might need some work for this up coming summer. But Monday night was funny, we decided to make some cookies so we went to the grocery store and bought all we needed for some Cadbury Egg Cookies. They sounded so amazing and by the time we got done it was past midnight and we didn't even want them anymore. Ha! And they didn't taste that good, but the next morning for breakfast they were Awesome! It all worked out in the end.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Last week was so nice, I went to St. George for the first weekend and got to get some nice warm weather for a few days. On Monday though, Megan and I got stuck in a hail storm in Snow Canyon. It was NAILING us with these gob stopper sized hail!! Then after 5 minutes it just stopped and was so nice after that. We rock climbed with friends and rode long boards around and played some kick ball. It was just a really nice getaway for a couple days then we came home and went skiing one afternoon and played around at home, this last week was just what I needed...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ragnar Del Sol

The Ragnar Relay Series has an event that goes on every month all around the United States. I ran one that was held in Las Vegas this past fall and we went down with a group from Utah State this past weekend to compete in the one from Wickenburg, AZ down around for 197 miles and finished in Tempe, AZ. The race started at 8:30 on Friday and we didn't end until like 4:00 pm Saturday. One of the funnest parts is decorating the cars and the fun rivalry between teams. We made lots of friends and cheered each other on the entire way. It was such a rough day and a half! The way that it works is that each team has 12 runners on it. Two vans or suburbans full of 6 people each. It really is pretty fun how you all work together to make it to the end, but the 3 legs can get pretty rough when you have an 8 hour break in between runs that you are stuck sitting in the back seat. I got super sore by the end and was being such a wimp, but the whole team ran from between 12-21 miles spread out throughout the race. After we got done we went hot tubbing and drove back to St. George. Great weekend trip, it was fun to be with friends and I even am starting to like Justin Beiber... It was a wild ride

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring At Last!.. Well For now

It was so warm today, I was at Beaver Mountain all day long today and I saw lots of people in skinny jeans, T-shirts, and a few in normal old shorts. It was crazy, I can't believe how warm it has been the last few days up here! It has totally felt like March or April, But I hear that it is going to snow tomorrow night... We will see about that I guess. I went for a run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail this afternoon and it was a killer! I think I almost died, it was way hard for me! I am in a group that is running the Ragnar Relay down in Mesa, AZ in 2 weeks and I am totally not ready, time to get training!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green Canyon Yurt

At the top of Green Canyon in Logan is the yurt of all yurts. The road closes off at beginning of the winter and doesn't allow any motorized vehicles beyond that point until the spring. The only one allowed is the snowmobile that pulls the groomer along to keep the trail nice for hikers, cross-country skiers, and sledders. It's about a three and a half to four mile walk from the parking lot to the yurt. It took us almost 2 hours to get up and we started at five in the afternoon and had light for about half the way and then it was super dark and the stars covered the sky. The night was beautiful this past Saturday on into Sunday morning and the temperatures were in the twenties. Despite the cold, inside the yurt was very comfortable. The wood burning stove produced enough heat to keep the 12 of us warm all night long. Six bunkbeds were provided with 3 inch foam that made for a very comfortable nights sleep. The walk down in the morning was a breeze after walking up the night before in the dark. Utah State Students get a discount on the rental of the Yurt and any equipment that you might want for the trip, it was a lot of fun and would always recommend this to people thinking about going up to this yurt.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowboarding Saturday

I went up to Beaver Mountain on Saturday and it was so nice! Last week it rained up there and the snow had been so nasty for about a week and finally we got a couple little storms that came in and made everything soft again. Megan and I went up and met her friend Hailey and we had a lot of fun with them. Her little brother was awesome on his skis... I felt like a little kid going off jumps after him because he was so good. Afterwards we went up to Bear Lake and ate some pizza at "Old Ephraim's", it topped off the day for us. After that we went to the Aggie Basketball Game up at the "Spectrum" and watched our team stomp New Mexico.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring 2011 Semester Begins

Winter break was SO FUN! I was home for the most part of it other than the week that I went to Mexico with my girlfriend's family. It was super fun being able to build houses and mingle with some of the families down there. I started school this Monday and I am really happy with my schedule. It took a few days to get everything that I wanted in the order that I wanted it in. I have 16 credits with my favorite one at the end of the day... Beginning Swim. I am the worst swimmer and I want to do a triathlon this year and not get totally KILLED at the first of the race. I know that I will get worked the rest of the race I just don't want it to happen that early.