Monday, February 28, 2011

Ragnar Del Sol

The Ragnar Relay Series has an event that goes on every month all around the United States. I ran one that was held in Las Vegas this past fall and we went down with a group from Utah State this past weekend to compete in the one from Wickenburg, AZ down around for 197 miles and finished in Tempe, AZ. The race started at 8:30 on Friday and we didn't end until like 4:00 pm Saturday. One of the funnest parts is decorating the cars and the fun rivalry between teams. We made lots of friends and cheered each other on the entire way. It was such a rough day and a half! The way that it works is that each team has 12 runners on it. Two vans or suburbans full of 6 people each. It really is pretty fun how you all work together to make it to the end, but the 3 legs can get pretty rough when you have an 8 hour break in between runs that you are stuck sitting in the back seat. I got super sore by the end and was being such a wimp, but the whole team ran from between 12-21 miles spread out throughout the race. After we got done we went hot tubbing and drove back to St. George. Great weekend trip, it was fun to be with friends and I even am starting to like Justin Beiber... It was a wild ride

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