Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Break 2010!

This Christmas break is going to be great! I am so excited to go to Mexico with Megan and her family, we are leaving Christmas night and driving down to Rocky Point (15 hours...) Ha but they are a way fun family and I get along with them really good. We are going down with several other families to build a few houses in a week, I think that it will be super fun. I am going to film a lot of it so hopefully next month it will be on the USU Admissions website. I just went down to Mesa, AZ this past weekend which is like the same route that we will take to mexico only it was a little shorter (11 hours total) so it might be a drag going down again this weekend, Ha! Oh well, I really like her. So yeah, talk to you soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

College Night

Cafe' Sabor just worked me over! A few friends and I went down to "College Night" to get Burritos and drinks tonight and I was STARVING!! I couldn't believe it because I only ate half of my burreet... and that was with me pushing myself. But during dinner Alan got a call from his little brother who was opening his mission call and it was pretty fun. He was on "Facetime" with his iPhone and we watched him open it. Spain Baby! I'm not sure where so Congrats but Alan was actually pretty jealous, he wanted to go their so bad on his mission even though we all know that the Alabama-Iowa area are the best to go to. But any mission is a good mission.