Monday, October 4, 2010


The BYU Football game this last Saturday was amazing! They have had a bad season and our team wasn't about to let them change that. 31-16 was the final score and to those poor BYU fans, sorry for the long drive and ending with such a disappointment. But thanks for all the tickets that you purchased... Well that was a good game and I'm glad that my AGGIES showed up and put BYU where they belong. This week was super fun and the Utah State fans really stood proud at the game, many of them camping out the night before on the quad to get a good spot at the game. After the game was over, AGGIES from all around the stadium flooded the field in celebration. That really was a good time to be there and it was one that I won't forget soon.


  1. What the what?? Uterus logo? hahahahaha

  2. So, BYU is a bunch of pussies? Did I catch your logo meaning?!