Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aggie Blue Bikes

I took my mountain bike up on campus this afternoon to get my brakes working the right way. Since I got this bike I have had a hard time with getting it to function the way that it should. It was given to me by my step-dad who had it for nearly 10 years. At the first of the summer I took it up there and they helped me put on new front shocks and it was so nice to have their help and to save all that money that a bike shop would have charged. Well today I went up there to do just a "quick" adjustment but I ended up spending an hour and a half doing a complete overhaul on the rear end of the bike. I smoothed down the brake pads, oiled and greased everything, trued the rear wheel, and replaced the brake lines. It only cost me $4 for the brake lines and housing and that was it. The guys in the shop helped me do everything and it works way better now! Aggie Blue Bikes is free for all students and factory up at Utah State.

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