Sunday, November 7, 2010

I went fishing this week! It was fun to go up the Logan river and catch a couple with my roommate Greg. We only went up for like 45 minutes and we both brought in one each and missed a couple. The weather has been so nice that we weren't even wearing jackets, i just had a long sleeve and was doing great. The canyon get so cold because of the wind coming down but it was an awesome day. Earlier we had been working on my new project, I bought an old moped to fix up. It's a 1980 Honda express, it looks and rides like a bicycle. It is basically an old bmx bike with a little motor and gas tank on the back to make it go. But it has been a fun bike to have around. I have a 1968 Honda trail 90 that I have been riding for a couple years now and they are both just super fun bikes to ride. Both have a lot of character and can be really tempermental. I just got sick the other day so I have been trying to get some rest lately and just get over it, this daylight savings time ending gave me an extra hour of sleep last night that was much appreciated.

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